Studio Policy


An annual $50 studio fee from each family must be paid at the beginning of September. This fee will cover the cost of the personalized assignment /practice log book, handling of exam, recital and contest registrations (registration fee is not included) and the printing of the recital programs. 


A total of 36 Lessons will be taught over the 9 months academic year of 2017-2018 (Sep.1-Jun.7) Holidays and breaks are not included. Your lesson payment is a monthly flat fee. Please make payment on the 1st lesson of each month. A $15 late fee will be processed if you fail to make payment by the 2nd lesson. 


Holidays and Breaks ( No Lesson Dates)

Labor Day Sep.4
Nov. 22-25 Thanksgiving

Dec. 19-Jan. 2nd Christmas and New Year 

Mar. 12-17 Spring Break

May. 28 Memorial Day




  • There is no MAKE-UP lesson and REFUND  for any of your vocations outside of the holidays during the academic year.
  • If you have to miss a lesson due to illness I will try to reschedule it based on any cancellation within that same week ( no guarantee). Otherwise it is a lost lesson. 
  • For all of the other reasons please arrange to swap lesson with another student. I will also inform you of any cancellation within that same week for rescheduling. Otherwise it is a lost lesson. 
  • For school district ordered cancellation for snowing days lesson will be optional. If you decide not to come a lesson credit will be issued. 
  • For any of my cancellation I will be responsible to make it up or issue  lesson credit.



        Learning piano is fun but the true reward comes from a long term of study and practice. Juan Piano Studio is seeking committed families who are serious about taking lessons. If you must drop lessons after a short period of time, you MUST give one month notice in advance and pay the full amount before discontinuing the lessons. If you decide to stop lessons right away without the one month notice you MUST continuing to pay for that month ( 4 weeks) in a full payment as the penalty for early withdrawal. 

Lesson Rate  

1. Twin Cities                                                             


    30 min. lesson/39      Monthly flat pay=155       

    45 min. lesson/57      Monthly flat pay=227

    60 min. lesson/77.5   Monthly flat pay=310      


 2. Eden Prairie  


    30min. lesson/42       Monthly flat pay=165

    45min. lesson/60       Monthly flat pay=240

    60 min. lesson/82.5   Monthly flat pay=330 


Teaching philosophy


The core of my teaching philosophy is to help committed students developing essential skills for music-making and to instill in them the love,gratification,self-esteem, accomplishment and discipline that music-making brings.I insist on building solid technique and teach them to learn a board range of repertoires with national standard.I strive to meet the needs and goals of individual student,and I work closely to improve their playing. 



Summer Lessons


 From  June to September you are required to take certain numbers of

 lessons in order to maintain your status in the coming academic year.

 (Exception can only be made for extended oversea family visit or

  other camp attendance)


Expectations for Practicing 


3 Vital components leading to the success and enjoyment of musical study.


    The teacher’s knowledge and expertise of teaching

    The student’s commitment to practice

    The parent’s support and involvement


Consistency and regularity of practice are two essential factors in the learning progress and developing proficiency. Students who establish good practice habits from the beginning will progress more rapidly and will find practice and lessons more enjoyable and valuable.The amount of practice time will vary depending on the student's age and playing level.


Below is a guideline:

  • 5-7 years old, beginning level: 30-45 min/day
  • 7-10 years old, early intermediate and intermediate level : 45-60min/day 
  • 10-15 years old, intermediate and upper intermediate level: 60-120 min/day
  • 15 years old and above, upper intermediate and advanced level: 90 min. and above/day

When practice time is taken seriously,the student will not only learn something,but also have a sense of accomplishment. When practice is not taken seriously,it becomes a burden and a dreaded task. Students should always remember that the kind of personal commitment,endurance and routine discipline that music practice requires will benefit them in all other things now and in the future.

Parents Role

        Parental involvement is a key element in the success of a student's music study. Your supervision
        and encouragement have a significant impart. Your obligations and 
responsibilities include: 
  • Monitor the practice of your child
  • Purchase music book in a timely manner when I request
  • Bring your child to lesson on time
  • If your child doesn't own a metronome, you need to purchase one 
  • Communicate with me about the learning progress of your child periodically
  • Be present at the recital and performances of your child



        I reserve the right to dismiss a student if any of the following situation occurs after I have notifies the students and parents and allowed time for improvement. 

  • The student consistently demonstrate a lack of desire and willingness to learn
  • The student consistently show poor preparation for lessons
  • The student is uncooperative or disrespectful
  • The student has repeated absences from his or her lessons showing a lack of dependability and commitment
  • The student consistently shows lack of diligent practice at home