Studio Policy


A total of 36 Lessons will be taught over the 9 months academic year from Sep.1 to Jun. 7th.  Holidays are not included. Your will make a total of 4 payments. Each payment will include 9 lessons.  A $15 late fee will be processed if you fail to make payment past the due date period. 

Lesson Rate  

1. Twin Cities                                                             


    30 min. lesson=40      9 lessons=360       

    45 min. lesson=58      9 lessons=522

    60 min. lesson=80      9 lessons=720      


 2. Eden Prairie  


    30min. lesson=42/40(online)      9 lessons=378/360(online)

    45min. lesson=60/58(online)       9 lessons=540/522(online)

    60 min.lesson=84/80(online)       9 lessons=756/720(online)


Holidays and Breaks ( No Lesson Dates)

Sep. 7 Labor Day
Oct. 31 Halloween
Nov. 26-28 Thanksgiving

Dec.12/22-Jan. 1 Christmas and New Year 

Mar. 15-20 Spring Break

May. 29-31 Memorial Weekend




  • There is no MAKE-UP lesson and REFUND  for any of your vocations during the academic year.
  • If you have to miss a lesson regardless of the reasons I can arrange to swap lesson with another student if it is available. Or to reschedule a lesson based on other student's cancellation. Otherwise it is a lost lesson. 
  • ‚ÄčFor government issued snow emergency days lesson will be taught online.  
  • If you have to miss a in person lesson due to illness an online lesson can be scheduled instead.
  • For any of my cancellation I will be responsible to make it up or issue  lesson credit.



       Juan Piano Studio is seeking committed families who are serious about taking lessons. If you must drop lessons after a short period of time, you MUST give one month notice in advance and pay the full amount before discontinuing the lessons. If you decide to stop lessons right away without the one month notice you MUST continuing to pay for that month ( 4 weeks) in a full payment as the penalty for early withdrawal.